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“For many, these wines perhaps represent a distinct moment in history, a certain time in the evolution of Australian red wine expression that celebrated unfettered generosity, the loudest of boasts, the hardest of backslaps. Big hearts. Action-packed. 

There is no such thing as wrong or right in considering wines like these even if, for many, contemporary fashion might nod to more medium bodied and elegant wine styles. These deserve to be judged on their own merits and in the context of their own design statements. 

No holds barred. Big is beautiful. As always, the wines speak for themselves.”

Tony Love, Wine Writer 

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Greenock Creek Wines Vintage 2020
- by greenockcreekwines

Vintage Report 2020 The weather in the lead up to the summer and fruit set, saw below average rainfall though all of the Barossa Valley. This resulted in lower than expected crops and smaller bunch/berry sizing than normal. The weather in November was very hot and windy during fruit…

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