2018 Cellaring Dozen

2018 Cellaring Dozen

The wines of the 2018 vintage display finesse, a lightness of touch and delicious drinkability. 


From firm, structured cabernet to voluptuos and giving shiraz, these wines offer both immediate satisfaction and robust cellaring potential. 


To bolster your cellar we are offering a pack featuring each of the 2018 wines at an excellent price. This offer will be available until end of October so we please take advantage.


2018 Mataro X 2

2018 Alices Shiraz X 2

2018 Casey‘s Block Shiraz X 2

2018 Apricot Block Shiraz X 2

2018 Seven Acre Shiraz X 2

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon X 2

$441.00 inc. GST

2018 Cellaring Dozen

In stock (can be backordered)