2014 Roennfeldt Road Shiraz 750mL

2014 Roennfeldt Road Shiraz 750mL

The grapes for this wine are picked from a single estate vineyard on our Roennfeldt Road property at Marananga near Greenock.  The vines are around 120 years old, and this is our smallest vineyard.  The vines crop at 1.0 to 1.5 tonnes per acre and the grapes are picked on phenological ripeness and flavour at a baume range of 14 to 16º.  This baume can produce a naturally occurring high alcohol, although this will depend on seasonal conditions.

Following picking the grapes are fermented in large, shallow open fermenters, pumped over, chilled and pressed through a basket press.  The free run and pressings are kept separate through maturation and blended back together one week before bottling.  Following primary fermentation the wine is racked into barrel to undergo natural MLF.

The wine is left to mature in barrels (all new American hogsheads) for a total of 36 months and then bottled.  The wine is usually not filtered or fined prior to bottling, and is then left in bottle to mature for another 24 months.  This therefore means that the wine has been in barrel or bottle for in excess of five years prior to its release.

Our flagship wine is a monster from century old vines.  It speaks for itself – complex and intense, with masses of berry fruit and spice flavours that are complemented with a lovely oak finish that lingers on and on.

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2014 Roennfeldt Road Shiraz 750mL

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